This article has everything!

1. Dehumanizing graphic of a headless fat (female, natch) torso.

2. Alarmist introductory statements about how WE ARE GETTING SO FAT!!!!!!!!!!!11

3. Characterization of obesity as deadly disease.

4. Placement of blame on fat people for not just rising health care costs but also for the US’s poor economic performance in foreign markets.

5. Common sense call for more sidewalks, more geographically and financially accessible grocery stores, less junk food in schools, safer neighborhoods, and individual food subsidies that actually provide sufficient support for the recipients to, you know, buy food. Oh wait – I totally agree with all of that.

6. Random, unsubstantiated diet tips (here, low carb good, low fat bad).

7. Kooky libertarian distrust of government intervention in any way, shape, or form.

8. And of course, the finger-wagging admonition to “Eat less, exercise more.”

I really think there is an “Obesity Epidemic Generator” on the web somewhere, because all these articles say the same thing.