I have such conflicting feelings about the Chicago Sun-Times. On the one hand, it’s a union paper, and that is good. It’s also supposed to be the more liberal of the two big Chicago papers, and being a progressive who likes to read the daily news, I feel like I should support the paper that has the best chance of being anywhere in the ballpark (hell, universe) of my politics. (In contrast, the Trib officially endorsed GWBush for both elections in which he ran, despite consistently publishing articles that were extremely critical of the administration, because it’s supposed to be the Republican paper and thus, is obligated to mindlessly support the Republican candidate, no matter how absurd and insincere that support may be.) The Sun Times is also published in convenient tabloid format, making it much easier to read on the train (although harder to divide between two people over breakfast).

But then on the other hand, the Sun-Times is a piece of shit paper. The writing is sensationalist, and the headlines aspire to make the NY Post look like the Financial Times. For example, on Monday when the Sun-Times led with the story of Bears linebacker Lance Briggs’ smashed-up and abandoned car, the headline read: Silence of the Lamborghini. Funny? Sort of, admittedly. But come on! This is a supposed legitimate daily, not the freaking Red Eye.*

What motivated me to write this post, however, were the second and third headlines that appeared in my Sun-Times feed reader today, leading me to believe that it’s not the Post that the Sun-Times seeks to emulate, but the dearly departed Weekly World News:

Baby born healthy with 12 fingers, 12 toes

Giant spider web engulfs Texas park trail

*Free commuter paper that deserves it’s own derisive post for it’s sexist articles and vapid reporting style.