First, if you didn’t hear, the conviction of Michael Bell, the Jena 6 defendant who was sentenced to 15 years for aggravated battery, was overturned. This is not only fantastic news for Bell and his family, but also for the remaining defendants, and a really fantastic example of how collective action can work to address social injustice. Now let’s do the same thing for Renata Hill, Patreese Johnson, and the New Jersey 7.

Second, this Marry Our Daugther site that I fretted about earlier is, as fillyjonk pointed out in the comments, a fake. There’s a post up about it on Feministing, too.

And third and on a more personal note, my parental visit was a surprising success, both in the suit-procuring sense and in the general familial affection sense.  Although I missed the Renegade Craft fair, I did get to hear my grandmother the unwavering Democrat proclaim that she would “rather vote for [her] own ass than that damn Giuliani,” and that was a pretty good trade.