Beautiful, Also, Are the Souls of My Black Sisters has a great post up about the Lesbian Seven, with a link to a story at Workers’ World, Lesbians sentenced for self-defense: All-white jury convicts Black women, as well as a link to FIERCE, the group organizing support for the convicted women.

As Queer Woman of Color and Heart have pointed out, despite the incredible (and totally necessary) support for the Jena 6, not quite as much has been made over this very similar injustice in which lesbian women fighting against street harassment were convicted and sentenced disproportionately to their crimes.

I’d like to see Racialiscious pick up this story.

More links and some background at another of Heart’s excellent posts.

Edit: Women of Color Blog points out that Racialiscious did post a link about the NJ women on 6/28/07 in an excellent list of posts about the situation, along with the well taken point that just because nobody that I or other people have been reading have posted about the situation, doesn’t mean that nobody is posting about the situation. I have also been pointing to Women’s Space as having the go-to post with background info and links, and I should have been including more links from Queer Woman of Color or this one from LDNY along with it, at the very least.