In a brief (three message) email exchange with a friend that contained the words “dinner” and “shame,” Gmail sponsored links presented me with these websites of possible interest:

10 Skinny Rules
I lost 9 lbs. in 11 days, just by following these 10 simple rules.

Spasso Italian Grill
Old City’s Best Kept Secret Is Out! Affordable Italian Restaurant

Kobe Japanese House

Great restaurants in Hickory Come in for a memorable meal
Dinner For Two

Dinner For Two Online.

Craving Pancakes?
Shave off fat and calories with these delicious food substitutions!

Here’s a summary:

1. If you haven’t lost weight, you are an IDIOT because it is easy.



4. Eat things… that you buy on-line from Target? (Are they using their old funky popcorn as packing material or something?)

5. Wait no, if you must eat, eat FOOD SUBSTITUTES, but not real food even if you are craving pancakes.

Is that not dieting-induced neurosis in a nutshell???