There are two fundamental assumptions at play here on this blog. First, we live in a white supremacist patriarchy that benefits straight, white men, or those who act like straight, white men, to the detriment of everybody else. The resulting oppression takes many forms, and is perniciously entwined in pretty much everything we do. This has very real, and often devastating, consequences for oppressed groups, and ultimately isn’t so great for most straight, white men, either. Second, nonconforming bodies are neither inherently unhealthy, inherently unattractive, nor inherently immoral. Attempts to alter nonconforming bodies to render them more acceptable in a white supremacist patriarchy, through food restriction or surgery or what have you, are ineffective, dangerous, and a tragic waste of time and resources.

I truly enjoy discussing these fundamental assumptions, testing my thoughts, and honing my opinions through vigorous debate. But not here on this blog, and for one simple reason: if you are the kind of person who spends his or her work day clicking around WordPress blogs looking to argue with strangers about whether fat is healthy, or whether racism or misogyny exists, it is not going to be worth my time and energy to read, much less type a response to, your comments.

Currently, every reader’s first comment requires my approval. Once I approve a comment, you should have free reign to comment until your heart’s content. If you notice a delay between submitting your comment and its appearance on the site, it might be because I away from a computer, or it might be because, despite the fairly simple discussion parameters outlined above, you feel compelled to premise your comment on an assumption that contradicts the Big Two. If you are not sure to which category you belong, ask yourself this: did reading the two fundamental assumptions on which this blog is based make you very defensive and angry? If so, odds are good your words will never see the light of day on this blog.

I also don’t do that thing where people will post a particularly stupid comment and dissect and rebut it, because I prefer to spend my free time doing fun things, like smashing the patriarchy and drinking beer.